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We all love having an oven inside the kitchen, its an essential part of a home or business. It’s often used for family events and celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries. It’s an everyday equipment that produces sumptuous dishes and yummy desserts. Alas, it’s also one of the most abused kitchen appliances.

Oven failure brings about a variety of problems, which is why quality repair from a professional is a must.

There are tons of oven brands available, and one of the best is Wolf. Ovens manufactured by Wolf are top of the line. They are loaded with smart features and are sleek in design. And in the rare event of a Wolf oven repair, there are many licensed technicians who can get the job done. If you live in Los Angeles, the repair company you can rely on is Subzero & Wolf Repair Appliance Repair.

Picking a WOLF oven at the time..

Wolf Appliance Inc. is Sub-Zero’s corporate companion. The Wolf Range Corporation is a brand that manufactures domestic cooking appliances like cooktops, ovens, and kitchen stoves. Wolf ovens are known for their premium design and functionality. They are designed by the experts and have completed several phases of assessments to meet the company’s high standards. Wolf appliances are somewhat tantamount to “excellence.”

Common Oven Problems

If your oven is busted, it may lead to headache-inducing problems. Here are three common oven problems you need to keep an eye on. Remember, ovens are dangerous. If you encounter any of these problems, call a trained professional to repair your kitchen appliance.

  • The oven won’t start.
    First, check if the oven has power. You can do this with a non-contact voltage sensor. If there’s nothing wrong with the fuse, the problem could be the interior overheat stat. Don’t replace the stat on your own. If you incorrectly put a replacement, you could start a fire.
  • The timer is faulty.
    A malfunctioning timer is a result of a number of things, but mostly due to damaged wires. This can easily be replaced by a professional with original replacement parts. If you try to source out parts yourself (which can be a struggle) and replace the wires the wrong way, you may cause additional damage.
  • The oven won’t heat properly.
    This could be a backup or overheated stat issue. This is not a problem you can consider as a DIY project as the placement of either parts is crucial for the oven to function at its best.General Maintenance for Wolf Ovens – Let us throw you some tips so you can find out the well known problems of Wolf appliances if the case comes to you having to work with one of their faulty appliances.

All kitchen appliances, regardless of their brand, need care and maintenance if you want them to do their job for a long time. A Wolf oven repair won’t break your wallet, but it will cut back your emergency budget. To avoid unnecessary problems, here are tips on how to keep Wolf ovens in tiptop shape.

  • Clean your oven on a regular basis.
    Try to clean your oven four times a year. If not possible, make sure to clean it every six months. Also, check if your oven has a self-cleaning feature. If so, use the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Avoid removing the knobs when cleaning the oven.
    Professionals warn against detaching the knobs while cleaning. While it’s tempting to remove them so you can spray a cleaner around the area, you’ll be actually dousing an electric system. This may cause an electrical shortage.
  • Unplug the oven when cleaning with water.
    If you plan to clean the oven by hand, make sure it’s unplugged. This eliminates the risk of electrocution. To keep it on the safe side, use a bottle sprayer and a microfiber towel.
  • Check the burners.
    Looking at the coil burners for damages lets you know when it’s time to replace them with new ones. When you see a spot on the coil that is a shade redder than usual, it means it’s about to go short.
  • Add a spill barrier.
    If you love cooking pies, cakes, or casseroles that tend to spill over, create a spillage barrier to avoid accidental fire. Spills must be cleaned as soon as possible. You may use a cookie sheet enclosed in a tin foil to catch any spills. Just make sure not to block any vents.

Hire the Professionals

If you find yourself with a broken Wolf oven, abandon any inclination of repairing it on your own. Instead, hire the professionals. If you’re in Los Angeles or anywhere nearby, don’t hesitate to call Subzero & Wolf Repair Appliance Repair. We are more than happy to fix your oven for you. We should be the only repair company on your contact list because:

  • We provide reliable repair service from all major appliance manufacturers.
  • We are a team of licensed, seasoned, and insured technicians.
  • We offer same-day service. We even do emergency and weekend calls.
  • We provide one of the most competitive price lists in the area.
  • We use original factory parts for replacements. We also provide warranties for the parts (up to five years) and labor (30 days).
  • We have fully stocked trucks at all times.


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