Wolf & Subzero Appliance Repair

Wolf & Subzero Appliance Repair, customers satisfaction is our top concern. We always stand by our work. From one to five years warranty on parts and 90 days warranty on any labor.

Wolf & Subzero Appliance Repairs strives to maintain its reputation as  masters in KitchenAid appliance repair. In fact, many of Subzero & Wolf Appliance Repair technicians are European-trained electrical and mechanical engineers as well as best-in-class appliance repair technicians.

As a result, not only do Southern California homeowners get expert KitchenAid appliance service, but, appliance repair technicians who understand the principals of manufacture behind every Subzero & Wolf appliance.  Clearly, with that much brand familiarity, training and expertise, Subzero & Wolf Appliance Repair provides its customers with a 100% guaranteed and best-in-industry warranties on parts and labor.